Walking daily

One good thing that has come out of this shelter-in-place is that I am walking daily. Previously, my exercise consisted of Body Pump at the gym three times a week. Sometimes I would walk right after, about 2 miles in the park (where I took photos of the man with the dog in the previous post). Once upon a time, a long time ago, I tried walking daily regardless of gym regimen. That didn't last.
Now I am walking daily, and lately, have been running and walking in alternate minutes to up the cardio. I find I am not sleeping very well - I am probably not tired enough since I don't have the usual runaround and drive-around that I do back-to-back when I am out and about. Now, I am mostly sitting in the day, aside from the hour of walk-and-run. And I am playing a great deal of online Scrabble - a new vice.
I keep taking pictures on my walk of the various flowers I see. Spring is here, and how! Everything is blooming, the sunlight kisses it and creates very paintworthy scenes, so I am clicking away. Here are some poppies I saw and painted recently.


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