Changing at will

I am just starting to see how I can change the colors of what I see. It can make for a more interesting interpretation. Just as a writer, in the beginning, writes about herself because that is what she knows best, and cannot yet make up fiction, so an artist paints what she sees - almost exactly. She doesn't know how to correct the composition, change colors, improve what is in front of her. That transition happens slowly. When I started as a writer, I wrote about incidents in my life. When I was first able to write a short story I had made up entirely, it was a big moment. So, now, I feel I have progressed when I move shapes around to better the composition, change the colors - see beyond what is in front of me. Even cropping a wide expanse of inspiration to what will make a good painting - is progress.

Even in front of nature, one must compose.

I saw this building in Sunnyvale last night and it looked wonderful. I found a daytime image of it today and did this. I should try a nighttime version too. I'm intrigued at what happens to the shadows at night - I can imagine blues, purples, and the glow of light in a complementary orange.


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